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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Do You Ship From?

We ship from Holly, MI at our own warehouse. We hand inspect each order before it goes out, and we ship all our items within 1-2 business days through the US Postal Service and include a tracking number for you everytime! 

2. Are The Stadium Series Baseballs Regulation Sized?

Short Answer: YES! Our baseballs are regulation sized with a true and real feel. They are not glossy or squishy baseballs. 

3. How Do Returns Work? 

We offer a 30-day return policy, its super easy! Just reach out to us via email at or give us a call at 810-428-4344. 

4. Do We Offer Wholesale?

Yes, please click "wholesale ordering" in the main menu or on the bottom of our footer.

5. How is the artwork made?

Our art are designed using a mixed media process of royalty-free photography, digital sketch, and watercolor digital painting.