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Sanford Stadium Football University Series (Pre Sale)

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Sanford Stadium Football

  • PERFECT for the UGA Fanatic in your life!
  • STAND OUT! Created by SportRelics so you won't find this anywhere else! 
  • Be Exclusive. Only 100 were created for our launch. 

Presale Order - Limited Availability! Shipping September 7th, 2022!

Sanford Stadium features:

  • Detailed painting of the University of Georgia, Sanford Stadium.
  • Hand-stitched and college regulation-sized!
  • Made using a multimedia method that included royalty-free photographs and watercolor-digital painting.


Our University of Georgia Sanford Football Story & Inspiration:

Are you ready to know about UGA? Now, Let’s go together and go back in time. Sanford Stadium is the on-campus football stadium at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, United States (also known as UGA). The 92,746-seat Stadium is the NCAA's tenth-largest Stadium. Yes!

This part is what I loved the most. Sanford Stadium's wide west end-zone perspective of Georgia's campus and rolling hills has caused many to call it college football's "most gorgeous on-campus stadium," while the surrounding pageantry has dubbed it one of college football's "biggest, loudest, and most intimidating atmospheres." Wow! 

Now, playing “between the hedges”. Games are said to be played "between the hedges" since the pitch is bordered by privet hedges, which became an element of the Stadium's design since it opened in 1929. Oh! What a lovely piece of nature.

University of Georgia Sanford Stadium is the ninth-largest in the United States and the 17th largest worldwide. Unlike most stadiums with artificial playing grounds, Sanford Stadium has had and continues to have a natural grass surface seeded with Tifton 419 Bermuda Grass since its inception. Amazing! 

Only once in history have Georgia fans rushed the field and ripped down the goalposts. On October 7, 2000, the Bulldogs defeated rival Tennessee for the first time since 1988. This figure refers to the fact that hedges not only look good but also help control crowds. Yes! Let’s go, Bulldogs.

The distinctive oval "G" logo is marked by the goal line markers on each end zone. Wow! Beautiful, beautiful Georgia.